#SHK – #N5C96 – The last “Wall of Fame” worthy piece for today…

This is about 9m x 2m. I don´t want to put people in the image, but sometimes i think it would be better, just to show how large some of the art-pieces on this website are.

Its just stunning. I know, its the most used word on legraff.de, but, its just the way it is. Look at this and tell me that this is not stunning! Hang on.. I know you.. the guy who paints 80´s style neon green and neon pink letters who don´t fit in design and size, you called #zaphyre´s masterpiece of 16m x 3m something you would have done in 2 hours.. ROTFL
This piece here might not have the proportion of the aforementioned, but, its still on the same level.

Another very stunning graffiti on the Wall of Fame Leipzig

Graff Funk.. awesome name, awesome piece of art… this is just stunning.. I am so glad that I dont need to go to New York or Los Angeles to see the very finest of graffiti possible. I think Leipzig can be blessed for such graffiti talent to be in this city. Thanks for blessing us with your ingenuity, #graff_funk

Another very cool piece under the bridge, Antonienbrücke Leipzig.

New piece on the Wall of Fame Leipzig

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Now wer are going back to some pretty abstract and cool stuff. I love it. Bares the question: what is art? what is graffiti? When I see pieces like this, I envy the artist – in a good way, because there is a lot imagination needed to design a structure like this. Abstract thinking… nice piece.
Please respect art. Please respect each other. Its a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of money. Please leave larger pieces for at least 6 or 7 days, and pieces that cover 2/3 or even 3/3 of the wall of fame, for at least 9 days or so. there is a lot of money and a load of effort going into this. The day you are good enough to produce very large artwork, you will be glad to see it around for longer. Thanks yah


Blue is my favourite Color
This was @tesa ´s buddy. This has been done by a kid, I think its pretty good and I wouldn’t have been able to do it 🙂

TESA – Kids @Work

Junior Graffiti Antonienbrücke Leipzig, Wall of Fame.
Ok, calm down, this piece is not a masterpiece in comparison to some of the other artworks on this page, right. BUT: the guy who did it, was probably 9 or 10 years old stood there with his mate and his father, who both did pieces I am going to publish here because they deserve it to be here. I want to bigup this little kids work because, although not perfect, its pretty good!

Stunning Piece – who is the artist???

Amazing piece - Amazing Colors
Post production on this piece was difficult. The light came in very aggressively, and I could not take the picture straight on. Stretching was necessary, but I think its ok. Send me this artist name

Who is the Artist – Title needed

Whos the artist?
Title needed

Sertrays clear signs.

Antonienbrücke Leipzig Graffiti Master
Ghetto Language – this piece is about 4m x 2m. Stunning the realness of the fingers

Antonienbrücke Leipzig – Graffiti International

Antonienbrücke Leipzig - Graffiti International
I don´t know about you. I really don´t know. What if i told you, that this piece was a whopping 24m long and around 4m high? No website, no photography, doesn’t matter how good and how many megapixel camera you use, can do this kind of work justice. Fortunately, I thought of taking a cellphone pic of this, because I felt, somebody is going to spray it over in no time.. so it was. But, nothing can stop me do do some editing and pushing the boundry of technology. This way I got this great 22MB TIFF Image from a mobile phone pic 🙂

Under the Bridge – Antonienbrücke Leipzig

Antonienbrücke Leipzig - Graffiti International - Under the Bridge
Another very nice piece of artistry. Right. As I said, I am not a Graffiti Artist, but I’ve been around art and artists for 3/4 of my life and am an artist myself. Art itself is not to be judged, right, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right. But, in the end, there are people who simply know how to impress with their view of things. Under this subjective evaluation, I find, that this is one of those pieces that just have this something special to lift it up from the standard 9-5 🙂

Curated Graffiti Art Leipzig – Zaphyre

Graffiti Artist Zaphyre "Smile"
Smile by Zaphyre – this piece of art has the unbelivable dimensions of 16m x 4m and lived around 9 days before someone painted it over with pink color and old school takes of about 1m hight. please, respect art, put a date on your work and leave new work of normal dimensions for at least 3 or 4 days, and superlative pieces like this for at least a week or two. this is all time and a lot of money others spend. if you destroyed a piece like this within a few days in the bronx, ask what would happen to you. we are all lucky that this is not the case here. #respect art.

The Rowdy Club

This piece is a massive 24m x 2m… it didnt live for more than a few days. Even though the lettering has to additional complications, the background is amazing. Unfortunatelly, this image has been taken with the cellphone cam only. Put a date on your art, lets implement some courtesy rules among everybody. small pieces a few days, large and superlarge pieces one week or two, but at least one week. It’s so much work, so much money and effort to plan and execute.. lets be fair to each other.

Waschbären – Antonienbrücke Leipzig – Wer ist der Künstler

Waschbären auf Graffiti – Leipzig Antonienbrücke Graffiti International. Respect mother nature. Clean up your rubbish and be an example for the next one to come. Thanks.

White Yellow Black – Wer ist der Künstler

Graffiti Leipzig - Wer ist der Künstler
this artwork was about 4m x 2m. thanks for cleaning up after yourself. Graffiti United Leipzig photographed by Steffen Zimmer

Grey Hype – Yellow Stripe – Wer ist der Künstler

Graffiti United Leipzig
this piece was around 3m x 1m. it lasted for around 4 days. please clean up after yourself, respect nature and other human beings. Graffiti United Leipzig.

Graffiti International Selected Prime Pieces – Wer ist der Künstler

Graffiti United Leipzig, Wall of Fame,
This amazing piece was around 8m x 3m and lived only for one day. this is so sad, when people with no apreciation for their fellow artists, destroy magnificent pieces of art due to ignorance. i dont want to think that its bad will. a piece of this quality is a lot of planning, a lot of work even before the paint roll touches the wall… put a date on your work and leave smaller pieces for at least 3 or 4 days, and large pieces like this for a week or two. Graffiti in Leipzig. Respect Art. Get rid of Rubbish. Leave the place clean after you.

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